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About Me

Hey, what's up! My name is Nigel, and some of my friends know me as Foxela. I'm a 19 year old kid based in Singapore!

Music has always been in my blood. I ventured into the realms of music production at the age of 9, borrowing my older sister’s laptop when she didn’t need it for school (I essentially stole it, sorry Nat if you're reading this)


After starting the Foxela project back in 2016, I've had a couple of achievements that i'm really proud of, such as being able to make music with American idol finalist Robbie Rosen, and Melodi Grand Prix runner up Kristin Husøy! I also performed in Singapore's national new year countdown party hosted live on national television in 2022.

I've also been supported by some of my favorite artists such as Brooks and Will Sparks, and have also gotten support from labels such as Spinnin' Records and Trap Nation!! Also, recently I've gotten the opportunity to release under some of the labels I could only have ever dreamt of being a part of, such as Tribal Trap and LoudKult (the inner child in me loves this)


Since my first release on Spotify back in 2017, I now have around 80 releases and over 6 million streams under my belt! ...and you know I'm always going to have more music ;-)

I have so many people to thank for being a part of everything I mentioned above, and I love you all <3 thank you for listening!!


cheers to a wonderful 2022 ahead, nigel x

You can download my press kit here

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